It seems like yesterday, yet another ten years have passed since we celebrated the half a century of our company in 2002 ... At Riccini for so many years we have been dedicated to our work, and our timeless logo and ethos that will continue to follow us as we continue to grow. The results we have achieved in the last sixty years of activity have been the result of the contributions made by our executives, staff and external collaborators who have allowed Riccini to offer to their customers products of such excellence as well as a range of services and courtesy. The hallmark of Riccini. To all our clients we offer a sincere thank you... we look forward to celebrating our new and future goals with you too!

Meeting in Bologna

A tris novità: new exhibition venue, with a new date and ... NEW RICCINI PRODUCTS! For several years now we have considered the H2O salon as one of our traditional and indispensable appointments. The 2014 edition, in the new headquarters in Bologna and in the new calendar location, no longer in May but in October, is a great opportunity to see and know the new SUPERFLUID tube. In fact, this new, extraordinary drainage pipe will be exhibited in our exhibition space (pad 30 - stand B47C84). SUPERFLUID represents a true evolution of the species in polyethylene wall-mounted pipes for drainage pipes. The next RICCINI NEWS item will provide more details of SUPERFLUID, the first of a new species! Moreover, DNA at Riccini is rooted in the gene of innovation, technological development, and research excellence; So our tubes are certainly among the highest quality products in the national landscape and beyond. We produce high-modulated polypropylene (PPHM) and polyethylene (PEHD-PE100 and PEBD) tubes with double structured wall, three-layer compact or full-wall wall for drainage networks, irrigation, drinking water and gas pressures, geothermal probes, that work in no-dig technology, pre-existing or traditional drainage, water wells and thermal wells. The Riccini range also includes sliced ​​and microfibreated pipes for drainage, leachate collection, biogas capture, waste disposal, sub rigid drains as well as double-walled PEHD (rolls or bars) corrugated cavities for electric or telecommunication networks, single tube and PE tritubi for fiber optic TLC networks, fittings and special pieces for our tubes and wells. Over sixty years of experience, decades of success in the market and continuous evolution, commitment to research, coherence with a business philosophy made of seriousness, customer focus, reliability, competence, ability to read and understand the needs of the market. We have a continuous relationship with our operators, designers, installers, research organisations, raw material manufacturers ... You can see all of this in our products, in their ability to be responsive to your questions; All this is summarised in our motto: "Simplifying your job is our job!" ... When you come to our stand, you will see how proud we are of our work, and how happy we are to present it.

Libya Build 2012: The new Libya project resumes

Riccini, attending the initiative promoted by the Institute for Foreign Trade and the invitation of the Center for Foreign Affairs of Umbria, took part in the Libya Build 2012 exhibition, held from 20 to 24 May 2012 at the pavilions of the International Trade Fair in Tripoli. The event, one of the first great kermesse to take place after the democratic revolution, has attracted exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. The exhibition, centered on the world of construction and construction, has seen Italy as the protagonist, with a whole pavilion reserved for the companies of the Bel Paese. In the exhibition space Riccini, where our Technical Promotion Officer and Foreign Trade Adviser were present, Alessandro Graziani and Riccini commercial representatives for the area, have undergone important and qualified visits at the institutional and entrepreneurial level on the various days of the event. On all, those of the Minister for the Economy of Libya, Ahmed Salem Alkoshli and the Italian Deputy Minister for Economic Development with Delegation to Infrastructure, Mario Ciaccia. In the photos above: Vicar Ciaccia at the Riccini stand, while he is involved with Riccini responsible for the area. The historic role of Italy as Libya's trading partner has come to great respects, as Vice-Minister Ciaccia pointed out during the dinner held at the Italian Diplomatic Residence in Tripoli on the evening of May 20th. Noteworthy are the dynamism and the potential that the process of reconstruction and development of democratic Libya made even more evident by the full success of Libya Build 2012. On the left: Deputy Minister Ciaccia and the Libyan Minister for Economics, Ahmed Salem Alkoshli while being interviewed by Al Jazeera. Right: View of the Tripoli Center The contacts launched during the event reinforce the conviction that the market on the southern shore of the Mediterranean can take on even greater importance for our company. Riccini's participation at the fair has been very valuable, along with the collaboration of our local trade representatives.


In the capital of Puglia, from 9 to 12 October, another event attended by Riccini which will be held in the new pavilion of the trade fair area from 9 to 12 October 2014. The footprint is based on innovation, the philosophy that underlies this event (young but already distinguished for its originality and interest in the industry), is well matched with the spirit that has always permeated our company. In fact, over sixty years, Riccini has regularly and continuously introduced novelties, starting from the double walled corrugated cavities in PEHD, which was one of the first promoters in Italy. In its decades-long history, Riccini has not stopped offering innovations, all in the sphere of excellence. In our exhibition space, in addition to the corrugated Corrugar N 450N double-walled PEHD series and IMQ mark (available in rolls and / or bars of 450N and 750N, according to diameters), you will be able to see our single-tube and triple planes and stellar in PE for fiber optic TLC networks, PP tubes.


RICCINI, after the excellent results of 2013, renews its presence in the young but dynamic event In the launch of the event in 2013. RICCINI obtained excellent feedback in terms of interest and appreciation for its products as well as good commercial results . We could not miss this second edition, which promises to be even more interesting and complete thanks to the excellent work of the organisers. As part of the Calabria Water Days 2014, our booth will look closely at some of our products such as PPHM sewer pipes (TriPPlo + three-layer compact double wall or Doublecor double-walled wall, both featuring outstanding performance combined Lightweight, fully sealed joint, ease of installation, eco-compatibility) or the Simple Crown technical couplings, suitable for interconnection between sewage networks including different materials, including different diameter normalisation, connection of new utilities, Of inspections, cadets ...; Also Simple Crown offers a seal Page 1 of 2 Absolute Hydraulics. In our space you will also appreciate the vertical drilling holes in PPHM with triple layer ECOPOZZO, characterized by robustness, non-toxicity, glass junctions or with thread and versatility of use, resistance to high temperatures (not by chance, as well as for making wells Civil and industrial water, environmental remediation, pilot wells, cathodic protection systems, seismic tests, are successfully employed in the capture of hot or hot thermal water). If the industry you are interested in is drainage, you will  appreciate the value of drenofilter, the corrugated tube for double wall drainage, in PEHD, precoated in TNT impregnable and environmentally friendly geotextile; An ideal tool also for laying with awning machines.


RICCINI strengthens its presence at this Calabrian event. The positive findings that had been made in the past participations have confirmed the interest of RICCINI products by the market. We certainly could not miss this year's edition, which promises to be even more interesting, complete and dynamic! Waiting for Calabria Water Days 2015 is the already established TriPPlo + three-layer compact double wall and Kingcor double structured polypropylene high PPHM module, another RICCINI product dedicated to drainage networks such as the Superfluid polyethylene high density polyethylene PEHD with double structured wall, equipped with the same high hydraulic joint of TriPPlo + and Kingcor. Other prominent stars of the show are our Simple Crown technical grafts, designed to make wires, interconnections between networks including different materials, cadizies; With the same assurance of hydraulic sealing of the RICCINI tubes. The vastness and completeness of our range allows us to always have the right answer to the needs of our customers: in addition to sewage networks, our products are used and applied in the drainage (PEHD tubes with double wall in rolls, drenocor, In barriers, drenobars, or pre-coated with impregnable filter, drenofilter), in the capture of viaduct water (TriPPlo + and Kingcor application), environmental remediation and landfills (PPHM and PEHD hollow or microfessured pipes) (PPHM triple-layer hose with a glass or thread junction), in the transport of water or gas under pressure (polier and polier gas pipes in PEHD-PE100), in irrigation (polier bd in PELD tubes) , In telecommunications (PE fiber optics and PE tubes) in the electrical sector (corrugated corrugated double corrugated cavities in PEHD in rolls or rigid corrugar type ENEL 750N in bar king)

Holidays are coming!

Summer is coming, and as usual, Riccini will observe a closing period, which this year will be from 9 to 26 August 2012. We wish you all the best holiday season, whether by the sea or in the mountains, the lakes or in the hills. Enjoy and relax! See you soon!

RICCINI demonstrates its solidarity with the populations affected by the recent earthquake and confirms its presence in Ferrara

Riccini srl confirms its participation in the H2O 2012 event. In expressing its sincere participation and solidarity with the people affected by the recent earthquake, Riccini srl confirms its attendance at our H2O 2012 event. We extend to our clients and co-workers the reassurances received promptly by the organisers about the total absence of significant damage to Exhibition facilities. (Here is a partial reproduction of the communication received from the organizer): "Dear exhibitors, given the situation you will surely have come to know, we would like to reassure you that the city of Ferrara and in particular the trade fair have no particular importance . The event will therefore be regularly organised as a demonstration program. (...) We are waiting for you in Ferrara, confidant in the usual good performance and turn out. H2O SHOW OFFICE "We are happy to join the wishes expressed by the organisers and look forward to seeing you in Ferrara!


Innovate by tradition: It is now confirmed that GEOFLUID 2014 is one of the most interesting and most anticipated innovations in the plastic tube industry and Riccini will play a key role. The new RICCINI range will be available at stand 18 (Pavilion 1 - Lane A) of the upcoming edition of this very important event, which will be held from 1 to 4 October in the traditional setting of the Piacenza Fairground. The presence of our Company is now traditional and well-established, thanks also to the appreciation of the public towards our products. "Innovation by tradition" was said in the title: in fact, since its inception, RICCINI has not stopped renewing and innovating without losing sight of its values ​​and philosophy, based on quality, reliability, seriousness, competence and professionalism.

Riccini at 13° MEDIBAT 
(Sfax, Tunisia 04-07/03/2015) 

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