Novità per tubi e tubazioni Riccini

Our philosophy is our word

"Simplifying your job is our job." For us it is not a simple slogan, but a true and real commitment. In order to keep it, we are always mindful of the needs expressed by the market and the professionals in the various sectors served by the vast range of RICCINI products. Once again, in our constant commitment to the research and innovation that is in our DNA, we have achieved a unique, yet-to-be-bettered product. Here are the details of our latest news: GEOFLUID 2014 RICCINI booths will soon be available - these are high-modulated polypropylene eco-polycarbonate (PPHM) with triple layered wall tubes, totally non-toxic with a glass or thread junction. Ecopozzo, suitable for use also with very hot thermal water, is equipped with accessories to meet every client need; from the twisted echo type with three layers of Ecopozzo wall and glass junction (here with fixed rivets) to the special Riccini drainage pipes, including the always-appreciated dual structure PEHD drenofilter, pre-fabricated with synthetic fabric- non-woven fabric. They are environmentally friendly and very simple and fast to install (even with the use of awnings). The range of drains Riccini produce also includes Drenobar bars and unrolled Drenocor rolls.


Our brand has always been synonymous with development and innovation as well as reliability, quality, and dedication. At the core of these values ​​is also the creation of the sector of Fused and Microfibre Tubes; High modulated polypropylene (PPHM) tubes with structured wall or triple layer, high density polyethylene high density polyethylene (PEHD) tubes, full or corrugated wall and compact wall PVC tubes ... That there are a wide range of diameters available, from 110 mm to 600 mm, is just one of the advantages of our Cutting and Microfibre Tubes, which allow the possibility of creating multiple scratches and types of cracking and micro-dissection, with the ability to evaluate customisation options, including the geometric features of the slots. All these features make our Cutting and Microfibre Pipes the ideal solution for landfill collection; For the capture of biogas and / or the construction of control networks in landfills; For wastewater dispersion systems; For drainage of sports installations and / or for civil works; For works of drainage for the prevention of the ammaloramento of civil works; For the realisation of vertical systems for the capture and removal of deep water from artesian flaps; For the realisation of sub-horizontal drains for surface and surface water catchment. See the section for Cutting and Microfibre Tubes in the "TOP RANGE" section of the site!
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