Extraction of ground-water for human consumption, for industrial purposes or for use of thermal springs, are the main areas of application of the non-toxic and environmentally friendly PPPO polypropylene tubes ECOPOZZO available with two different types of junction (one with smooth glass with the use of screws or rivets made of steel and the threaded glass variety with a knurle made in the thickness of the tube). In addition to the blind tube, there are available pipes with cracks for the "filters" both in the twisted and threaded versions. Chemical, mechanical and resistance products, the protocol of controls which includes checks from the raw material up to final product testing, application of test methods and very stringent parameters, is recognised and attested by the award of the ZIK brand. In addition to covering all the diameters and thickness classes most widely used on the market, ECOPOZZO tubes come equipped with a full range of accessories. The characteristic turquoise / green water colour with white interior makes it recognisable from all other existing products. Like other RICCINI products, it is suitable for cracking and micro-cracking, making it suitable, besides in well industry, for uses such as in landfill, reclamation and drainage.

  • DYED: DN / OD 140-400 mm SN 4, 8, 12, 20 KN / m2 in bars of 5 m
  • Glass junction with rivets or bolts
  • DIMENSIONS: DN / OD 114-250 mm SN 25, 30, 35, 40 KN / m2 in bars of 5 m
  • Joining with thread obtained in the thickness of the bar
  • For both types available blind or cracked bars
Compliance with reference standards:

  • S.T. 19
  • D.M. 174:2004

  • ZIK

Technical Catalogue List

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These are high strength tubes made of triple-layer high-modulus polypropylene wall and are suitable for water wells, for capturing water and underground fluids, for thermal water up to maximum temperatures, for barrier wells or for reclamation monitoring and / or environmental remediation, for pilot wells or light shafts, for wells for cathodic protection systems, for down-hole seismic tests. It is made in 90 mm to 400 mm DN / OD outer diameters in classes SN4-8-12-20-25-30-40 KN / m2; In bars of 5 m and conforms to the Decree of the Ministry of Health 174/2004.
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