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Riccini was born in 1952 by brothers Marzilio, Andrea and Mario and is now one of the largest producers of concrete pipes for sewage systems in Italy. Over the years, we have continued to evolve in the field, leading in 1970, to the fundamental step of starting production of pipes and fittings in plastic .

The evolution and use of new technologies has led the company to have today a wide range of products available in many different sectors; A steady commercial, technological and productive development that has seen the production of the first polyvinylchloride (PVC) pipes for construction, the production of corrugated polyethylene high density polyethylene (PEHD) tubes and electrical and telecommunication cables (CORRUGAR). In 1994, the development of the corrugated PEHD pipe industry led us to open a second production unit close to our Ponte Felcino (PG) headquarters. In 1997, we obtained ISO 9001 certification through CSQ and IQNet, updating our compliance to the current UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 standard.

In 2001 the evolution of the production of CORRUGAR tubes led to our opening of a third plant, dedicated to the production of PE pipes. In 2003, the production of POLIER, POLIER BD and POLIER GAS pipes was transferred to a plant with an area of ​​130,000 square meters, of which 9,000 was covered, in San Martino, Campo (PG). In 2006, again in San Martino in Campo, the production of the innovative KINGCOR pipe for sewage pipes began, at which point Riccini set the benchmark for production of this kind in Italy. Finally in 2009 we moved our administrative and commercial offices to our San Martino plant too.

The company

About us

Riccini was established in Perugia in 1952 and has been working in the production and sale of tubes, fittings and other products in Italy for more than 60 years, guaranteeing the highest level of attention to the client and their needs. Our philosophy is "simplifying your work is our job! " and this is how we strive to operate. Our company has evolved over the decades by improving and expanding its services and product by introducing quality systems certified since 1997, in compliance with ISO 9001: 2008. Over the years, thanks to our dedication, industry and production several more factories have been opened, near Perugia, where a wide range of professional and certified pipes are used in different constructive and liquid transport environments: water, gas and many more.

Our mission

As a company we aim for total customer satisfaction by working to core values ​​of professional ethics. To achieve these goals, the company has put in place a highly planned and detailed quality policy, constantly designing and implementing the most suitable tools to achieve and maintain our high standards.
 Production processes, as well as decision-making, training, and control, are constantly monitored and reviewed, either through internal audit views or by audit entities.
The company puts the foundations of its production at the heart of corporate culture, respecting customer requirements and contractual arrangements, scrupulous and constant training of staff, motivation, verification of the adequacy of safety measures, monitoring of incoming raw materials and the entire processing cycle, as well as strict testing of the goods to be placed on the market.

Why choose us?

Quality policy

We are highly certified and qualified to provide our well-regarded products, and guarantee a professional business policy and control over all phases of product design and execution, through internal audits and by controlling bodies.

Research and development

The indispensable elements of Riccini's work are research and development, and we are constantly projecting towards innovation and the search for materials and products that are more and more responsive to the needs of customers.
We operate a modern, efficient research lab, equipped with suitable equipment and capable of ensuring complete control of all our production processes.
Certificazione di qualità per tubazioni
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