In 1952 in an Italy that was recovering from the destruction of the Second World War, the Riccini brothers, Andrea and Mario and Marzilio, started the production of cement pipes for sewerage systems. In the following years, their company’s predisposition to innovation, their desire to excel in the professional field, and their ability to interpret the technological evolution of the sector, led the three entrepreneurial brothers to a crucial step in the company’s history: 1970 was, in fact, the year in which the production of plastic pipes and fittings began.
The following decades saw the constant and unstoppable growth of the company, increasingly able to understand (and in some cases precede) the evolution of the increasingly numerous sectors in which the growing range of products offered to the market is applied.
The transition from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes for construction to corrugated pipes in high density polyethylene (PEHD) for electrical cables (the well liked CORRUGAR), takes place for natural growth. The dynamism is in the company’s DNA, as well as in that of the founding partners, and soon a second production site is opened, not far from the historic headquarters in Ponte Felcino (Perugia). The company develops, in different phases, pipes for sewer networks, irrigation, aqueduct, transport of gas under pressure, drainage, protection of telecommunication cables, construction of fibre optic networks, biogas collection in landfill, and collection of rainwater from viaduct.
But the genetic code of Riccini srl does not only contain the seeds of dynamism: since its foundation, the company has based its philosophy and its perspective on respect for the customer, on the attention it pays to its needs, on the concept of quality in the broadest sense of the term; it is no coincidence that as early as 1997 the company obtained the certification of its Quality System according to ISO 9001 (certification maintained uninterrupted since then and of which in 2017 we proudly celebrate its twentieth anniversary).
The continuous and regular development of the range of products, of the commercial areas served and of the sectors of application in which Riccini products are appreciated, leads first to the construction of a third production plant and finally to the acquisition of an area of 130,000 square meters in Perugia San Martino in Campo where, between 2003 and 2009, various production units are relocated first and then the administrative and commercial offices.
In 2017 the company, in addition to 65 years of activity and 80 years of one of its three founders, celebrates, as mentioned, the twentieth anniversary of its ISO 9001 certification  (now updated to ISO 9001:2015) also obtaining the environmental certification ISO 14001:2015



These are the three key words to identify the RICCINI company, those that, regardless of the context, make immediately understandable the corporate philosophy, the orientation of our business policy …. our mission.
Because, since their beginnings, in the middle of the post-war reconstruction of the country, the founding partners of this company established that the development and success that they could achieve had to be inextricably linked to the reliability of the work, the quality of the products manufactured, our service to our customers, the only ways to gain confidence from the markets.
Time has confirmed the correct approach of the Riccini brothers’ business philosophy, and today, that small family business has become an industry of about fifty employees, known nationally and internationally.
Three words are enough to describe the essence of our company: SERVICE, QUALITY, RELIABILITY.
Behind these words lies our entire history, our corporate philosophy, our being professionals.
Service: Marzilio, Andrea, Mario Riccini, since the first production of concrete pipes for sewer installations, adopted the principle of maximum quality and transparency towards their customers, aware that it was the only way to compete in a difficult market like the one they were about to conquer; the reconstruction of the country required products for the infrastructure to be restored and for those to be built ex novo and the Riccini brothers managed to make their way in the market making themselves known for their reliability.
Quality: The subsequent economic boom saw a proliferation of companies that, in practically every sector, produced goods, materials and services that would transform Italy from a poorly developed and mainly agricultural country to one of the economic and industrial powers in the First World. 
Of the plethora of companies born then or developed then, only a few are still active today: those that have been able to provide with consistency, quality products, products that being the result of a reliable and well-structured organization, are able to offer consistency in performance, the verifiability of their characteristics, the pliability in use.
Reliability: decades of history, thousands of customers who in this time have honoured us with their trust and have accompanied us in our growth, the certainty that our products continue to be our best testimonials … this means for us “reliability”. The awareness that our customers, today as in the past and as in the future, knew and will know that using Riccini products means being sure that they have chosen the best, that they can always count on the precise and punctual feedback of an organisation at their service.
The company’s reference point, is customer satisfaction and respect for the fundamental values of professional ethics. Ambitious goals, to achieve and maintain, which Riccini srl has put in place a high-profile quality policy, well planned and detailed, preparing and implementing constantly over time the most appropriate tools to achieve and maintain objectively high standards. Decision-making, training and control processes, as well as production processes, are constantly monitored and reviewed, both by means of internal instruments (Internal Inspections) and by means of inspections carried out by the Control Bodies. 
Riccini srl has laid the foundations of its production in the company culture, respect for the requirements of the customer and the methods established in the contractual phase, in the constant and scrupulous training of personnel, in the motivation, in the verification of the adequacy of safety measures, in the monitoring of incoming raw materials and in the control of the entire transformation cycle, up to the execution of the strictest tests for the finished products to be placed on the market.

Quality Policy

Thanks also to the various certifications obtained, the company is able to offer products of a very high quality level and to guarantee a company policy dedicated to maximum professionalism and structured in such a way as to ensure the control of all the phases of product conception, development and production, through a structured system based on checks carried out internally (from controls on incoming raw materials to controls on the entire manufacturing process; from the controls on the finished product to the internal inspections) and by the bodies in charge of the control (periodic inspections of both the Quality System as a whole, and of the individual products, carried out with different methods and frequency according to the brand of reference). 
The continuous and significant investments dedicated to the technological improvement of the production lines are of great importance; a continuous process that has allowed Riccini srl to always have at its disposal new, efficient and avant-garde machinery, succeeding in producing products of a high quality level and also with a low environmental impact. 

R & D

A company such as Riccini needs a research and development structure that is capable of constantly checking the quality of its products and production processes, as well as developing new products or improving existing ones. 
The search for materials and production methods that increasingly meet the needs of its customers, the complete monitoring of the production chain, are carried out through the structure of the Laboratory Testing Controls and Tests (P / C / C) which have modern and suitable equipment, able to meet all the needs of investigation required by the protocols of the product brands, as well as to support the exploration of all options for research and development that the company is constantly active.