(Perugia, 17/05/2018)

Autumn is still far away, but it is not too early to communicate the 2018 exhibition program of RICCINI, which this year is quite substantial: we will in fact be present at
– GEOFLUID, in Piacenza from 3 to 6 October 2018
– ACCADUEO, in Bologna from 17 to 19 October 2018
– ECOMONDO, in Rimini from 6 to 9 November 2018
– EIMA, in Bologna from 7 to 11 November 2018
Make dates, don’t miss these appointments…
We wait for you as always with a smile, to let you know or to deepen your knowledge with the world of Riccini and its news.
We are waiting for you!


(Perugia, 08/10/2018)
We could not miss the date with an event that sees us among the protagonists since its editions in Ferrara. This edition will see us in Hall 22, Stand A39B40, where you can learn about the new ECOPOZZO WITH THREADED GLASS, the new Riccini pipe in non-toxic polypropylene for the well sector, with its peculiar connection.
On our stand, you can also see all the pipes of the FOGNARY NETWORK SYSTEM, made of polyethylene and polypropylene Riccini (Kingcor, TriPPlo+, Sedici Plus, MonoPiPe+, Superfluid), each with its own specific characteristics but all interconnectable and equipped with a high hydraulic seal joint system.
In our exhibition space you can also see the range of polyethylene pressure pipes of the POLIER family and the Simple Crown Technical Couplings, safe, universal, versatile, easy to install and with a very high hydraulic seal.


(Rimini, 7 novembre 2017)

The new edition of ECOMONDO, the dynamic fair dedicated to green technologies, opened its doors with important spaces dedicated to sectors such as water treatment and environmental reclamation.
RICCINI is also present at this edition, with the best intentions to repeat the positive results of 2016.
The innovative spirit of our Company could not allow us to arrive at this appointment with no news to present…
And there are two new products in different sectors.
For the realization of piezometers, for environmental surveys, for seismic tests (Down-Hole type and Cross-Hole type), it is now possible to choose Eco-sond, the ecological, non-toxic, high modulus PPHM polypropylene single-layer pipe designed and manufactured by RICCINI to be perfectly suitable for use in drilling, environmental remediation, in the construction of cathodic protection systems.
Characterized by very high physical and chemical properties, Eco-sond is totally non-toxic and eco-compatible, does not release residues in the ground or in the water table and does not compromise the analysis of extracted fluids.

MonoPiPe+, a single layer PPHM high modulus polypropylene pipe in compliance with the UNI EN 1852-1:2009 standard, starts in the field of sewage systems; like all RICCINI products for the sector of sewage systems, it is equipped with a socket joint system with pre-inserted elastomeric gasket and oriented according to the direction of flow. The MonoPiPe+ gasket is equipped with a rigid PP anti-unthreading ring.

Below, some pictures of the new product RICCINI:

We look forward to seeing you at our exhibition space in Hall C1, Stand 191 to introduce you better and let you see our two new products up close!


(Perugia, 04/08/2017)

The hot summer of 2017 is in full swing. Holidays are coming, but before closing for the summer break from Friday, August 11 to Sunday, August 27 inclusive, we wanted to publish our new site.
As you may have noticed, there are many differences, both from a graphic point of view and from a functional point of view.
We have tried to simplify navigation while making available a greater amount of overall data (and images), we have implemented the technical functions of the site making it effectively usable by mobile devices. Above all, we have the ambition to have designed, together with our new technical partner Italiaonline, a site where with three clicks you can get exactly what you are looking for, a complete site but simple and easy to use.
The site will be subject to further evolutions since the resumption of work activities, when the foreign language versions will be active again.
For now we wish you a peaceful and invigorating holiday and we look forward to the reopening!!!


(Perugia, 04/08/2017)
2017 is a very special year for the history and life of our company: in addition to having reached 65 years of activity, in May we celebrated the 80th anniversary of Mario Riccini, one of the three founders of the Company.
But 2017 is also the year of another prestigious milestone, that of the 20 years of certification of Riccini srl’s Quality System: it was in fact 1997 when we obtained ISO 9001 certification. 
And what better way to celebrate this anniversary than to obtain ISO 14001 certification?
After all, combining ties with tradition with an innovative drive has always been what distinguishes our company.
To all the thousands of customers who in recent decades have allowed us to grow and have grown with us, our most heartfelt “thank you”.
And of course …. appointment to the next milestone!


(Perugia, 07/07/2017)

In a general trend that is not always linear and constant, the data collected confirm the success of our commercial policies and tell us that the market has well understood the direction given to our actions.
Particularly appreciable is the data that emerges for exports, traditionally not easy for a sector with high incidences of transport costs.
The next few days, with the more in-depth analyses to which the data collected will be subjected, will provide us with the elements to outline and better define the inputs to be given to company policies.
The value of the sales network’s work, which is well present in the territory and attentive to the needs and expectations of its customers, cannot be overlooked.
In the second half of the year, we will be awaiting news about communication (we are renewing our website) and we will confirm our participation in a trade fair event that is becoming increasingly interesting: ECOMONDO, at Rimini Fiera in November. Continue to follow us for details!



Our brand has always been synonymous with development and innovation, as well as reliability, quality and reliability. In the wake of these values is also the birth of the sector of Slotted and Microslotted Pipes; high modulus polypropylene (PPHM) pipes with structured or triple layer walls, high density polyethylene (PEHD) pipes with solid or corrugated walls, PVC pipes with compact walls… The wide range of available diameters, from 110 mm to 600 mm, is just one of the advantages of our Slotted and Microslotted Pipes, which provide the possibility of creating multiple patterns and types of cracking and microcracking, with the possibility of evaluating customization options, including the geometric characteristics of the slots. 

All these characteristics make our Slotted and Microslotted Pipes the ideal solution for the collection of landfill leachates; for the collection of biogas and/or the construction of control networks in landfills; for sewerage dispersion systems; for drainage works for sports facilities and/or civil works; for drainage works to prevent the deterioration of civil works; for the construction of vertical systems for collecting and withdrawing deep water from artesian aquifers; for the construction of sub-horizontal drains for collecting groundwater and surface water. See the page reserved for Slotted and Microslotted Pipes in the “Top of the Range” section of the website!


It seems almost yesterday, but another ten years have passed since 2002, when we celebrated half a century of our company’s life… In perfect coherence with Riccini’s style, made up of work, seriousness and little inclination towards self-celebration, we will remember the event simply with a dedicated logo that will continue to follow us throughout 2012: Sobriety does not prevent us, of course, from looking with satisfaction at the results achieved in the first sixty years of activity; results obtained with the fundamental contribution of all those, managers, workers, external collaborators, who in recent decades have allowed Riccini to offer its customers products of absolute excellence but also services, availability and courtesy…in other words. Riccini quality. A sincere thank you to all…waiting to celebrate new and even more significant goals!


A trio of news items: new exhibition venue, new date of the event and…NEW PRODUCT RICCINI! Riccini, for several years now, considers the H2O exhibition as one of its traditional and essential appointments. 2014 edition, in the new headquarters in Bologna and in the new location of the calendar, no longer in May but in October, is an excellent opportunity to see and learn about the new tube SUPERFLUID. In fact, this new, extraordinary pipe for sewerage networks will be exhibited in our exhibition space (hall 30 – stand B47C84). SUPERFLUID represents a real evolution of the species in the sector of structured polyethylene pipes for exhaust pipes, a leap forward. The next RICCINEWS will provide more details of SUPERFLUID, the first of a new species! Moreover, the gene of innovation, technological development and research for excellence is rooted in the Riccini DNA; for this reason our tubes, we say without false modesty, are certainly among the highest quality products on the national scene and beyond. We produce high modulus polypropylene (PPHM) and polyethylene (PEHD-PE100 and PEBD) pipes with double structured walls, compact triple-layer walls or solid walls for sewerage systems, irrigation, pressure transport of drinking water and gas, geothermal probes, work in no-dig technology, pre-coated or traditional drainage, water wells and thermal wells; Riccini range also includes cracked and micro-cracked pipes for drainage, leachate collection, biogas collection, wastewater disposal, subhorizontal drains as well as corrugated PEHD double-walled cables (in rolls or bars) for electrical or telecommunication networks, PE monotubes and shredders for fibre optic TLC networks, fittings and special pieces for our pipes, wells. Over sixty years of experience, decades of success in the markets of various sectors, the continuous evolution, the commitment to research, the consistency with a corporate philosophy made of seriousness, customer care, reliability, competence, ability to read and understand the needs of the market, the relationship of continuous exchange with operators, designers, installers, research institutions, producers of raw materials…You can see all this in our products, in their ability to be answers to your questions, all this is summarized in our motto: “Simplify your work is our job!” … For all this, when you come to visit us at our stand, you will find to welcome the smile of those who know they can be proud of their work, happy to present it to you, sure to meet your interest and your esteem.

Libya Build 2012: the new Libya restarts with vigour

Riccini, adhering to the initiative promoted by the Institute for Foreign Trade and the invitation of Centro Estero Umbria, participated in the Libya Build 2012 fair, held from 20 to 24 May 2012 in the pavilions of the International Fair of Tripoli. The event, one of the very first major events to take place after the democratic revolution, attracted exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. The exhibition, focused on the world of building and construction, has seen Italy as the protagonist, with an entire pavilion reserved for companies in Italy. In the Riccini exhibition space, where our Technical Promotion Manager and foreign sales representative, Dr. Alessandro Graziani, and Riccini sales representatives for the area were present, there were important and qualified visits at institutional and entrepreneurial level during the various days of the event. Above all, those of the Minister for the Economy of Libya, Dr. Ahmed Salem Alkoshli and the Italian Deputy Minister for Economic Development with responsibility for infrastructures, Dr. Mario Ciaccia. In the photos above: Deputy Minister Ciaccia at the Riccini stand, while he is entertaining with the Riccini commercial managers for the area. The historical role of Italy as Libya’s commercial partner has been confirmed, as Deputy Minister Ciaccia himself stressed during the dinner held at the Italian Diplomatic Residence in Tripoli on the evening of 20 May. The dynamism and potential that the process of reconstruction and development of democratic Libya, made even more evident by the full success of “Libya Build 2012”, was also remarkable. Left: Deputy Minister Ciaccia and the Libyan Minister for the Economy, Dr. Ahmed Salem Alkoshli while being interviewed by the broadcaster Al Jazeera. Right: view of the Tripoli Business Centre The contacts made during the event reinforce the conviction that the market on the southern shore of the Mediterranean can take on ever greater importance, even for our company. The collaboration of our local sales representatives is very valuable for the success of Riccini’s participation in the fair.


In the Apulian capital, from 9th to 12th October, another not-to-be-missed appointment with RICCINI. Riccini has decided to take part in the event, which will be held in the new pavilion of the Bari exhibition centre from 9th to 12th October 2014.
The strong emphasis on innovation, the philosophy behind this event (young but already distinguished by originality and interest in the sector), goes well with the spirit that has always permeated our company. Riccini, in fact, in over sixty years since its foundation, has regularly and continuously proposed new products, starting with the double-walled corrugated PEHD cables, of which it was one of the very first promoters in Italy. In its decades of history, Riccini has never stopped proposing innovations, all in the wake of quality excellence. In our exhibition space, in addition to the Corrugated cable Corrugar series N 450N in double-walled PEHD and IMQ brand (available in rolls and/or bars of 450N and 750N, depending on the diameters), you can see our monotubes and flat and stellar shredders in PE for TLC fiber optic nets, the wells in PP.


RICCINI, after the excellent results of 2013, renews its presence at the young but dynamic event In the first edition of the event in 2013, RICCINI has obtained excellent results in terms of interest and appreciation for its products as well as valid business results. We could not miss this second edition that promises to be even more interesting and complete, thanks to the excellent work of the organizers. During the Calabria Water Days 2014, in our stand you can closely observe some of our products such as PPHM sewer pipes (TriPPlo+ compact wall triple layer or Kingcor double wall structured, both characterized by performance of absolute excellence combined with lightness, total tightness, ease of installation, environmental friendliness) or Simple Crown technical couplings, suitable for interconnection between sewer systems even of different materials, even with different standardizations in diameter, the connection of new users, the implementation of inspections, drains….; Simple Crown also offers an absolute hydraulic seal. In our space you can also appreciate the vertical drilling pipes in triple-layer PPHM ECOPOZZO, characterized by robustness, non-toxicity, socket or thread joint and versatility of use, resistance to high temperatures (not by chance, as well as for creating civil and industrial water wells, environmental remediation, pilot wells, cathodic protection systems, seismic tests, are successfully used in the collection of hot or very hot thermal waters). If you are interested in the field of drainage, you will certainly appreciate the value of drenofilter, the corrugated pipe for double-walled drainage, made of PEHD, pre-coated in rot-proof and environmentally friendly TNT geotextile; an ideal tool also for installation with post-mothernals machines. Get to know us, you’ll understand what the motto “Simplifying your work…it’s our job” means to us! We look forward to seeing you at RENDE!


RICCINI strengthens its presence at the Calabrian event The positive feedback from previous participations has confirmed the market’s interest in RICCINI products. We certainly could not miss this year’s edition, which promises to be even more interesting, complete, dynamic! Moreover, there is a growing expectation to see at Calabria Water Days 2015, in addition to the already established TriPPlo+ compact wall triple layer and Kingcor double wall structured, polypropylene high module PPHM, another product RICCINI dedicated to the sewerage sector: Superfluid high density polyethylene PEHD double wall structured, with the same high watertight connection of TriPPlo+ and Kingcor. Other expected protagonists of the exhibition are our Simple Crown technical couplings, designed to make connections, interconnections between networks, even of different materials, with the same guarantee of watertightness of RICCINI pipes. The vastness and completeness of our range allows us to always have the right answer to the needs of our customers: as well as in the sewerage sector, our products are used and applied in drainage (double-walled PEHD pipes in rolls, drains, bars, drains, or pre-covered with rot-proof filters, drains), in the collection of rainwater from viaducts (application of TriPPlo+ and Kingcor), in environmental reclamation and landfills (pipes in PPHM and cracked PEHD or micro-cracks), in the collection of water from the subsoil (non-toxic, triple-layer PPHM ecopoint pipe with socket or thread joint), in the transport of water or gas under pressure (polyer and polyer gas pipes in PEHD-PE100), in irrigation (PELD polyer bd pipes), in telecommunications (PE shredders and monotubes for optical fibres), in the electrical sector (corrugated cable corrugated PEHD double-walled joke in rolls or rigid corrugar type 

ENEL 750N in bars).

Holidays are coming!

Summer has arrived, and as usual Riccini will observe a period of closure, which this year will run from 9 to 26 August 2012 inclusive. We wish you all the best holidays at the seaside or in the mountains, at the lake or in the hills, in the city or on holiday as long as you are looking for serenity and the best relaxation. See you soon!

RICCINI expresses its solidarity with the people affected by the recent earthquake and confirms its presence in Ferrara

In expressing its heartfelt participation and solidarity to the people affected by the recent earthquake, Riccini s.r.l., confirms its participation in the exhibition H2O 2012. We extend to our Customers and Collaborators the reassurances received promptly from the organizers about the total absence of significant damage to the exhibition facilities. (Here is a partial reproduction of the communication received from the organizing body): “Dear exhibitors, given the situation of which you will certainly have become aware, we wish to reassure you that the city of Ferrara and in particular the fairgrounds, do not present critical issues of particular importance. The preparation of the event will therefore proceed regularly as planned …(…) We look forward to seeing you in Ferrara, confident in the usual success of the event. H2O SHOW OFFICE” We are happy to join the wish expressed by the organizers and we look forward to seeing you in Ferrara!


Innovating by tradition: the presence at the RICCINI stand of one of the most awaited novelties in the field of plastic tubes has been confirmed. It is now confirmed the presence at GEOFLUID 2014 of one of the most interesting but also the most awaited novelties in the plastic tubes sector. It will be possible to know the umpteenth novelty of the now vast range of RICCINI at stand 18 (Hall 1 – Lane A) of the now imminent edition of the important event, which will be held from 1 to 4 October in the traditional setting of the exhibition center of Piacenza. The presence of our Company is now traditional and well established, thanks to the appreciation of the public for our products. “Innovating by tradition” was the title of the event: in fact, since it was founded, the company RICCINI has never stopped renewing itself and innovating, without ever losing sight of its values and philosophy, based on quality, reliability, reliability, competence and professionalism.