The field of drilling, whether aimed at the extraction of water for human use or the implementation of works of survey, seismic testing, piezometers, thermal wells, remediation, cathodic protection, is characterized by many specific needs that make it difficult to make products adequately performing and easy to install. RICCINI offers this fundamental segment some of its best products: ECOPOZZO and ECO-SOND, both made of high modulus polypropylene (PPHM), which guarantees the non-toxicity of the tubes and their excellent performance. Different for applications and wall constitution (triple layer co-extruded for ECOPOZZO, single layer compact ECO-SOND), they have in common very high chemical, physical and mechanical performances, an extreme precision in the design of sections and joints, a great ease of installation, reliability. Both are subjected to very strict testing procedures. ECOPOZZO and ECO_SOND are recognizable by the external turquoise/green colour; also for ECO-SOND the interior is of the same colour, while ECOPOZZO has a white interior. Like all Riccini products, they can be cracked or micro-crafted.

ECOPOZZO high modulus PPHM polypropylene pipes with triple layer walls are manufactured for use in the well sector. Three-layer walls provide protection from external agents and surface damage, strength in the mechanical rigidity of the intermediate layer, resistance to abrasion in the inner layer; in this way, ECOPOZZO RICCINI is a very strong and robust pipe, able to overcome without difficulty the extreme conditions to which the pipes for wells are often subjected, both from the chemical-physical point of view, from the mechanical one, and from that of the operating temperatures, as in the case of the drawing of thermal waters.

ECOPOZZO represents the most advanced evolution of the pipes intended for this sector, being able to offer in a single product all the characteristics that may be necessary: structural strength, physical-chemical stability, refractoriness against microbial attacks or aggression by seawater, dissolved gases, formation of limestone … ECOPOZZO also, not interacting chemically with the ground, is less exposed to problems of clogging of filtration slots, often able to get rid of micro-fouling thanks to the slightest dilator movements related to natural temperature changes. Available in the versions with socket or thread joint, equipped with all the accessories and special pieces necessary for the sector of reference.


  • GLASSED: DN/OD 140-400 mm SN 4, 8, 12, 20 KN/m2 in 5 m bars
  • Coupling with rivets or bolts
  • THREADED: DN/OD 114-250 mm SN 25, 30, 35, 40 KN/m2 in 5 m bars
  • Joint with thread obtained in the thickness of the bar
  • Blind or slotted bars are available for both types.


  • S.T. 19
  • D.M. 174:2004


  • ZIK
ECO-SOND is a high performance tube made of high modulus polypropylene (PPHM) with compact single-wall for the realization of coatings for piezometric holes, for environmental reclamation (barrier or monitoring wells in contaminated sites), pilot wells, spy wells, cathodic protection systems and for seismic tests in down-hole or cross-hole holes. The joint is of the thread type (flat coupling without socket) with semi-transparent thread obtained from the thickness of the tube. 
The inherent characteristics of the material make it particularly resistant to mechanical, physical and chemical stresses.
The level of release of substances into the ground or groundwater is well below the standard values and this allows ECO-SOND not to interfere with the concentration values of the substances used for analysis. This characteristic is of great benefit also to avoid the clogging of the slots of filtration. Often, in fact, the alternation of expansion and shrinkage due to normal thermal cycles can be sufficient to eliminate micro-fouling.
The resistance to microbial attacks, aggression by dissolved gases, brackish or marine waters is also worth noting. 
ECO-SOND is also suitable for installation at -10 °C and has great resistance even at the highest temperatures. 
(e.g. hot thermal water).


  • Classe SN40 KN/m²: DN/OD 75 – 90 mm in bars of 3 m
  • Classe SN30 KN/m²: DN/OD 114 mm in bars of 3 m
  • Junction: with thread obtained in the thickness of the bar
  • Cracks: for DN/OD 90 and 114 mm diameters, blind or slotted bars with 0.5 mm slots available


  • D.M. 174:2004
  • Suitable for installation down to -10 °C